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hack this game !!!

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it's a 2nd easiest challenge in this CTF in the end 32 teams solved it and we were 11th team to solve it. we got a game made with unity and it's not possible to win the game without modifying the game's code.

In this game we have to move a character to it's home and we will get the flag but catch is we have to cross a wall which is very high I thought we have to teleport so i tried using cheat engine to find character's position which was not correct, and it won't work.net thing i tried is to decompile Assembly-CSharp.dll and editing it to make player jump higher than intended.


Open Assembly-CSharp.dll in dnspy , this file will have classes and C# code of the game. dnSpy is a debugger and .NET assembly editor. You can use it to edit and debug assemblies even if you don't have any source code available.

our aim is to find which code makes player jump and we have to increase his height of speed.

now digging through all the files i found this function which will calculate velocity of player.

now i edited this function.

saved this as Assembly-CSharp.dll in same folder and opened the game now player jumps can jump the wall and we can read the flag.


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